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Series inscribed books (library) “Your patron saint” – a popular spiritual and educational edition of Orthodox saints, consisting of books dedicated to his name.

As the books “for life”, they are designed for the modern man and baptized malotserkovnogo written in accessible language for modern readers of all ages, starting from primary school.

Books are equipped with convenient search system, a variety of interpretations and explanations, as well as a dictionary of obscure terms. With the help of the tables in the book by date of birth reader can quickly and easily identify their saint. Each book includes a themed DVD-drive.

Library is published with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas and Ochakovo Pitirim.

Books are published in a deluxe version. On the front flyleaf donor may leave a commemorative inscription on Baptism; to the wedding; an anniversary; on a good memory; with the wishes of the slave (boss, colleague), partner; orphans in the orphanage, etc.