A series of books (library) “Your patron saint” – a popular spiritual and educational edition of Orthodox saints. The book focuses on modern malotserkovnogo baptized person. With God’s help, to be published more than 170 books of different names.

A series of books (library) “Your patron saint” is available by Nikolay publishing “Euro-Press” branded “Admiralty Cathedral.”

Author-compiler and editor – Kisarov Igor V.

The books will be of interest to readers of all ages, starting with primary school. Books close and clear, and in the Orthodox and secular (worldly) environment, and can be a useful source of information for clergy and missionaries in preparation for preaching and catechetical talks.

Library is published with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas and Ochakovo Pitirim. Pastoral care and censor publications Nicholas Provost conducts urban district, member of the canonization of saints, the abbot of the monastery of Saints Constantine and Helena – Archimandrite Barnabas (Gladun).

Oriented to the modern reader, library book, “Your patron saint” differ from other stories and lives of the saints holy principle of selection list for one book. As is known, the name for the person – “the sweetest, the most important sound” (D. Carnegie), , which is consistent with the Orthodox formula “on behalf of your life, Thy” (Service to St. Nicholas, letters Ambrose of Optina …).

Books library contains biographies of the saints of the same name (one of the possible names saint – in baptism, Rassaphor tonsure, monasticism, schema), canonized by the Orthodox Church (for churchwide and Locally worship), as well as saints venerated fraternal Autocephalous Orthodox Churches. At the time of publication of the book contains a list of the greatest tezoimennyh Orthodox saints and the greatest possible fullness of knowledge about them.

Series “Your patron saint” has the same for all books writing style, design and structure of the content.

More information about the library books, “Your patron saint” in the video.