Book series, “Your patron saint” written in accessible modern language. They, like reference books, equipped with convenient search system. In order to increase the reader’s interest in the book, in addition to religious information, replete with facts and descriptions of the history, culture, ethnography, life etc. In the books there are many interpretations and explanations in the form of footnotes and Intratextual inserts, and as a separate dictionary of obscure terms. In the text added overview of Orthodoxy (the basics of Orthodoxy), the rules of conduct in the Christian life and in the church, as well as some knowledge of spiritual character in the popular narrative.

The shape and style of presentation library book, “Your patron saint” can be defined as eclecticism-a compilation of quotes, stories, stories, facts and descriptions with binding proposals, gravitating to the style of chopped prose. Eclecticism due breadth of subjects and inclusion of explanatory, educational and entertaining materials. The style of presentation provides the maximum information with minimum print space. Chopped phrases with their clear logic and emotional appeal and allows to reason, and to the feelings of readers, focusing their attention on the basic ideas of the story.

Each book includes a DVD-drive. This modern information technology can significantly increase the amount of textual and graphical information and through video and audio products to fundamentally change its pitch. For example, the audio holy prayers read by clergy and church choir, will allow a beginner to train the correct pronunciation and chant prayers  .


Text books based on the knowledge bank constantly replenished, consisting today of more than 9.5 million modern Orthodox reputable and reliable sources of information, as in the “paper” or electronic form. Offers readers information carefully reconciled with patristic and modern Orthodox literature on conformity to the canons and traditions. Creating manuscripts done by using unique technology developed specifically for this, interactive computer programs. Technology is a matter of pride and know-how of authors. Ideology, and the structure of canonical books are coordinated at all levels of the church hierarchy of priests to the Metropolitan. Before processing and literary books read by adjusting the various categories of readers both believers and atheists.

Attractive books informational component is the ability to quickly and easily identify its patron saint.

Each book consists of six parts.

Part 1. Holy name. Tells about the importance and history of the name. For the Orthodox doctrine of the saints, guardian angel and the naming rules in Baptism.

Part 2. Lives. The main part of the book in which the biographies – hagiographies. In the list of the saints includes saints canonized for churchwide and local worship in all fraternal Autocephalous Orthodox Churches.

Part 3. Prayers of the saints. Contains prayers, hymns of praise for the canons and prayerful communion with his holy reader. For most of the saints are given short prayers in their holy order.

Part 4. Peace and / name /. About tezoimennyh laity, widely known in the world.

Part 5. About Orthodoxy. Provides a brief encyclopedic information about Orthodoxy and advice to beginners.

Part 6. Reference. Includes: table name holy books thematic dictionary of obscure terms, geographical names and names of prominent people, as well as some other information.

DVD-ROM contains movies, pictures, slideshows, prayer, dedicated to the saints. Preview time is about four hours. Prayers, hymns of praise and canons on DVD-ROM filled with choir church choirs.