Book series, “Your patron saint” are published in a deluxe edition. Great design and typography, elite paper, decorative protective bubble wrap, not only give the appearance of a solid edition, but also emphasize reverence for the saints, as described in the book.

Books contain unique drawings and photographs that are on every page of text, and full-color illustrations. Promotes readability Satin tab.

Book format personable, solid and easy to read. Depending on behalf of the book may be from 288 to 640 pages.

Cover full color with matte lamination, gold stamping and selective UV varnish coating. Its design decision was based on two criteria – solid appearance and visual contrast to the books of similar subjects.

On the right of the front flyleaf provides space for a memorable inscriptions. The presenter will be able to leave an inscription about: baptism, wedding, anniversary, on the good memories, wishes subordinate partner, orphans in the orphanage, etc. This inscription gives the book a unique property with a gift of “eternal” personalization donor for whom no one would pray generation of readers  .


DVD-disc is in the closed valve transparent envelope, located on the left side of the front flyleaf.

Nachsatz (rear flyleaf) contains tables memorial days of saints and Paschal’s 1929 … 2100, as well as churches changing with dates, which mention the name of the holy book.

Library book, “Your patron saint” can be seen on video.