Finished author’s manuscript of the holy Svetlana

At the beginning of November 2015 completed the creation of the author of the manuscript of the book of the saints, Svetlana.

Identified five saints of God with the name Svetlana, which determined the name of the book: “Your patron Svetlana. The book is about 5 Fotini”. The volume of the book will be 320 pages of text with drawings and 16 pages of color illustrations. Work on the creation of the original layout of the book is nearing completion.

We started to print books about saints Oleg!

By the grace of God, through the prayers of all the saints, well-wishers paid for publication of the book “Your patron Oleg. The book is about 6 Oleg saints. “
The book is in print. DVD disks and blister cupboards ordered.
For the Oleg and their loved ones to announce that the deadline for publication of the book the end of June.