How to give a name at baptism

In choosing a name is allowed some freedom, so the Orthodox Church has developed a set of rules here man.

First name is selected from a limited list of names in honor of the Orthodox Saints of the Orthodox Church as a sign of spiritual union between the Church of the Heavenly and earthly Church. Celestials take an active part in our destiny: celebrate our God-pleasing life, mourn at the sight of our sins, errors and misfortunes. They intercede for us with his fervent prayer to the Lord, protect us from temptation and adversity, we are role models and examples of spiritual guidance of his earthly life.

Second, the name chosen for the day or the birth or Baptism (usually 8th or 40th day after birth).

Third: The name chosen harmonious corresponding linguistic norms baptized (eg, Russian-speaking baptize not recommended names Pud, Lupus, Akaki, Dula Pigasov Psoy, Golinduha etc.).

Fourth: The Orthodox Church has kept the pious custom of old did not call baptized in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary his mother out of a sense of reverence for him. The names of Jesus and Mary can call baptized in honor of the saints wearing these names.

Fifth, if a family has a particularly revered saint, the baptized person may be named in his honor, regardless of the day of baptism and birth. According to Anthony, Metropolitan Surozh, “the child should be devoted rather handed storage, protection, prayers of the saint whose name it is given. Parents would have to choose a saint who means something to them, that is the life which they struck something, or that for some reason connected with the conception of the child … The parents should have when they want to give one or the other name for the baby, find out what the life of a saint, that it is, that affects their euphony not name, and internal appearance, why they want their child to be under the protection of the saint or, in any case, to this holy especially prayed for him. ”

Sixth: baby name give parents (or the priest at their request), an adult is a person chooses a name for himself by himself. Moreover, if his name is there in the calendar, it will be named in honor of the saint of the same name. If namesakes several saints, the patron selects either the most respected among them, or a saint, whose day is the memory immediately after the birth novokreschaemogo. Archimandrite Raphael said: “It is not forbidden to the person to choose a patron saint of several saints, bearing the same name … you can select the day Angela, as will prompt your heart; well before that to pray. ” If no name of the baptized in the calendar, then the person gets a new name – in honor of a patron saint, thus baptized in the name turns double – one for everyone else – for the religious life. At Baptism is usually, but not necessarily, selected the name closest in meaning or sound, you will need to consider that some of the names in the church traditions have different sound, such as Svetlana – it Photinia (“light”), Victoria – Nika (“Victory “).

Seventh: in the case of an error in the naming, for example when a child is given the unorthodox name, or the name, it does not meet the floor (such as: girl was given a man’s name Inna), it must change. Thus, Metropolitan Filaret of Moscow ordered in a similar situation: “… with the admission of confession and Holy Communion to name his name, which, having been eating at the sacraments, and will be hard for him (new permanent).” If there was a situation today with the “wrong” name, or the name given in Baptism in the distant childhood atheistic, forgotten, then you need to apply to the priest who read a special prayer “On behalf of naming” and give a new name – Orthodox saint.

How to find the holy

Tradition defines the patron saint of memory whose day falls on your birthday or the next following day birthday. To find your Valentine on nachsatz (back flyleaf) books printed table memory holy days on which is defined and Memorial Day. Then on the day of memory found in the table “List of the calendar of saints” is defined saint, and if more than one, then, at the request of christen, select one of the saints found.