Initiated the creation of a series of books (library), “Your patron saint” is a cultural and hagiographic Fund “Admiralty Cathedral” (a non-profit organization). The main objective – the promotion of the Orthodox Church in spreading the Orthodox faith and culture, as well as the revival of spiritual and moral values ​​and traditions. Foundation attracts and accumulates funds patrons and well-wishers who wanted to help in the creation of a library, “Your patron saint”.

Author of books – Igor V. Kisarov. Son mitred archpriest, Provost of Nikolayev. Higher education. Author of several books, of which the most famous: “Kazarsky. His memory is from generation to generation “and” St. Nicholas. Facts, traditions, modernity, “which went through four editions.

 Library book, “Your patron saint” are published under the brand “Admiralty Council” established by the publisher of “Euro-Press”, which was founded in 1997 in Nikolaev.

Project coordinator for the publication of books library, “Your patron saint” –
Natalia Kalinina E.. Higher economic education.