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Deluxe edition complete with a DVD-disc in blister plastic box – “Your patron Alexander. 177 Holy Book of Alexander” (ie, all of St. Alexander, known and respected by the Orthodox Church today). 2013 edition, 408 pages with color illustrations.

For any occasion: birth, baptism (godparents godson), wedding, anniversary, gratitude, etc. On the flyleaf of the book specifically provides space for a dedicatory inscription.

Placed on the back flyleaf of universal table to determine its St. Alexander’s date of birth of the reader.

The book contains the latest knowledge about Orthodox saints bearing the name Alexander. Described their earthly life. Just told about 177 Alexander St., ranked as the sanctity of the Orthodox Church canonized.

Given rules of conduct and tips for beginners Christians represented cognitive information on local churches, as well as individual issues Orthodoxy, important and interesting for newly Orthodox.

Given prayers, hymns and canons allow prayer to communicate with God Flatterers, ask them protection and assistance.

The book is adapted to the modern non-ecclesiastical rights. It is designed for a wide readership.

The book includes a DVD-drive containing multimedia information regarding St. Alexander.

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Св. Александр

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