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The first edition was published in July 2015.

Your patron Oleg

The book is about 6 Oleg Saints

With DVD-ROM supplied

Gift Edition bundled with a DVD-disk in blister pencil case – “Your patron Oleg. The book is about 6 Oleg saints” (ie, all the saints Oleg known and revered by the Orthodox Church today). Edition 2015, 320 pages with color illyustratsiyami.K any event: the birth, baptism (godparents godson), wedding, anniversary, gratitude, etc. On the flyleaf of the book specifically provides space for a dedicatory inscription.

On the back flyleaf placed universal table to determine his holy Oleg date of birth of the reader.

The book contains the latest knowledge of Orthodox saints, bearing the name of Oleg. Describes their life on earth. Total 6 explains Oleg saints, canonized sanctity of the Orthodox Church.

Given the rules of conduct and tips for beginners Christians presented cognitive information on local churches, as well as specific issues of Orthodoxy, important and interesting for newly Orthodox.

The text of prayers, hymns and canons, allowing prayer to communicate with the saints of God, asking for their protection and assistance.

Book vopriyatiyu adapted to modern non-church person. It is designed for a wide range of readers.

The book includes DVD-ROM that contains a multimedia information concerning the saints Oleg.

View the table of contents and possible fragments of the book in the Russian version of this page Site.

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